Many different astral projection techniques are available for people to use and help them astral project. Every person is unique and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

Many people run into difficulties with various methods though Vernon Hargreaves III Hat , not because the method doesn’t work, they are not able to relax.

Complete and total relaxation is essential to making any astral projection techniques successful. Part of the reason for the inability to relax is fear. This is very common with those that are just starting to relearn how to astral project.

False beliefs, like a person could die or be harmed during astral projection. In an effort to stem these fears the Canterbury Institute, also known for their occult studies, conducted a researched study.

All the people who took part in the research had participated in astral projection and institute determined that not one of those people were harmed in any way after having followed the various techniques. Furthermore, having followed the 2,000 people for no less than three years, the institute also establishrd the fact that nobody reported any problems.

Now that we’ve nipped the fear issue in the bud, let’s take a look at a few of the astral projection techniques, all of which have helped a great number of people in the past. The good news is; all these techniques are also relatively easy. The first technique which we’ll discuss consists of seven main steps:

* Start by relaxing your mind and body. Numerous techniques for relaxing are available for you to use. Deep breathing is one and simply, it is just deep breathing. Just breathing deeply in and out, slow and calmly. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply as well. Relax each of the muscles in the body by tensing them and then releasing them one at a time. Start with a hand or maybe the toes and work you way to the top.

* Then you will need to enter the hynagogic state, where you body and your mind are very close to sleep. Take steps to avoid sleep however. Try focusing on an object as you lie down and stare until your eyes close. If you are doing this right, you should be able to still see the object.

* When you reach a point where you can still see the object even though your eyes are closed, then you need to deepen your current state of mind even more. This can be done by looking around the room while your eyes remain closed. Amongst other things, you may very well begin to see some light patterns and even a sort of purplish haze inside the room. This is perfectly normal and there is no need for you to pay much attention to it. Instead, once the light is no longer visible you can take that as a sign that you’ve entered a deeper state. In all probability you will be so relaxed by this stage that you’ll hardly be aware of your physical body at all.

* In this next step you will need to enter into what is known as, “the state of vibration”. Interestingly enough, most people who practice astral projection claim to feel the vibrations at an early stage of the projection. In fact, most of these people believe that these vibrations occur just as your astral body begins to separate from your physical body. Once again, this is perfectly normal so there is no reason to be alarmed when it happens.

* Control the vibration state. To accomplish this concentrate on the vibrations and succeed in getting them to move through the body. You do this using your mind, your desire is for your whole body to have the vibrations, like waves rolling over you. It will take practice for you to encourage these waves to start as you want. Once you can do this step you are ready to exit your body.

* Astral projection’s and astral travel’s key component is control. Your mind is the one in control, the power. To strengthen control of the sixth technique, keep focusing your mind with the idea of leaving your physical body. Start small, with a foot or hand of the astral body. Stretching it to an object near you, try a wall, floor or other object that is familiar. Push your hand or foot through that object. Once you accomplish this, bring your foot or hand back into the physical body, slow the vibrations down, end the session and wait to become fully awakened and an aware state.

* This is when you totally leave your body. Do steps 1 -6, only instead of just releasing a foot or hand from the physical body do your whole body into the astral body. You only have to make an easy adjustment on step number 6. In place of concentrating on releasing only on body part, you are now going to concentrate on the release of the astral body, do this by imagining how light it feels, also your weightlessness as if you were light like feathers being blown in the breeze. The astral body should leave the physical body, you should have a feeling of flying or floating.

Other methods and techniques include the Anchor Technique, the Gazing Method, and the Rope Technique. Ultimately, one should be willing to try the various techniques in order to establish which one works best for you, because you can be rest assured that everyone can find a technique which works for them.

Remember that not everyone can astral project right away using the techniques above and that they all require practice.

There is a shortcut luckily! Through recent sound technology developments, audio tools exist that can assist you. These recent techniques utilize special frequencies of sound call Binaural beats, which balance the brain’s two hemispheres, instantly placing you into a state of meditation, required for astral projection.

You can also get into the totally relaxed state needed by listening to quality astral projection techniques hypnosis recordings. These reinforce to the subconscious mind that it is okay for your astral body to leave your physical body.

The use

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