China's Sun Yang celebrates after the Men's 200m Freestyle final of swimming at the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest 49ers Arik Armstead Jersey , Hungary on July 25, 2017. Sun Yang won the gold medal with 1 minute and 44.39 seconds. (XinhuaDing Xu) China's Sun Yang (R) competes during the Men's 200m Freestyle final of swimming at the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary on July 25, 2017. Sun Yang won the gold medal with 1 minute and 44.39 seconds. (XinhuaDing Xu)
BUDAPEST, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Olympic champion Sun Yang of China won his first title in men's 200m freestyle at the 17th FINA World Championships here on Tuesday.

Placed sixth after the first 100 meters, Sun made a stong comeback to clock 1 minute and 44.39 seconds to record his groundbreaking victory, beating the Asian record of 1:44.47 he set in 2013. It was also his second title in the Hungarian capital after the 400m free.

"I feel happy about the gold medal. Actually I didn't expect such a result, and just wanted to work on every detail," said Sun after his victory.

Sun claimed the golds in the 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle before his 200m triumph at worlds. He is also the Olympic champion in 200m, 400m and 1500m freestyle.

"I lost the race with a bit pity at World Championships in Kazan two years ago. Today my dream has come true," Sun pointed out.

Townley Haas of the United States and Aleksandr Krasnykh of Russia finished second and third respectively.

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