Sometimes polymer gets a bad press Michael Dickson Jersey , but it remains an incredibly versatile material that we would find very difficult to live without. The word 'polymer' is often used as a synonym for plastic, but it also includes other synthetic and natural materials. Did you know that rubber and amber are part of the polymer family? Synthetic polymers include silicone, nylon, Bakelite and polystyrene. There are many every day and important products that are made from these materials, and this article looks at some of those items.

The First Synthetic Polymer

This was manufactured in 1907 and was known as Bakelite, because Leo Baekeland lent his name to this invention. This material was used to create many varied items including cable insulation and jewellery. Thereafter many more synthetic polymers were created and they have been used in everyday items ever since.

Cookery Items

PFTE, or polytetrafluorethylene, is used to make non-stick cookware, and this includes frying pans and utensils. This material offers an extremely tough and durable surface that can resist temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It provides a very useful solution to those kitchen nightmares that result in a ruined dish due to the burnt frying pan surface. It also prevents smoke from being created and this is very welcome in those compact kitchen areas. PFTE is also used in Gore-Tex, a waterproof material that is very useful for waterproof jackets and trousers.


Polycarbonate is one of the most versatile polymers and is used for many important products in today's marketplaces:

• Compact Discs.
• Automotive Components.
• Aircraft Components.
• Toys.
• Riot Shields.
• Reading Glasses.

Eye glasses in particular have a lot to thank polycarbonate for, because it has replaced glass for the lenses. It offers UV protection and is impact resistant. The polycarbonate lens is virtually bulletproof and is also used for sports goggles, car headlights and projection screens.

Hairdressing Products

All hair products contain polymers in some shape or form, because they are used in conditioners to assist in sharpening and flattening the hair strands. The polymers place a film over the hair and as it dries the polymer molecules attach to each other and hold the hair in the correct place. Without the use of polymers, these hairsprays, mousses and shampoos would be no more than nice smelling water.

Underwear And Parachutes

You may be thinking of silk, but the word we are really thanking polymers for is nylon! This mega material has been in use for so long and it is also known as polymide. It can be used for swim wear, boat sails and tough ropes. Nylon was first developed to be used in toothbrushes but soon the word got out and it became a smash hit. The reason that polymide is so incredibly useful and versatile is because it is moisture resistant and can take a lot of temperature before it buckles. It is also used in engineering packaging and components. Drinks bottles contain nylon as do most types of food packaging today.

TAIPEI, March 28 (Xinhua) -- Taiwan's economic recovery remained weak in February, as the overall business indicator flashed blue for a ninth month, new data showed Monday.

Color codes are used by the island to gauge economic health, with red signaling economic boom, green for steady growth and blue for recession. Yellow-red light and yellow-blue light are transitional.

The score for the business indicator was 16, up from 14 for January, according to a report unveiled by the island's development council.

The council attributed the rise in score to improving machinery and electrical apparatus imports and manufacturing climate, both of which gained one more point in February.

Among the nine components, seven flashed blue or yellow-blue. The leading, coincident and lagging sub-indices all dropped from the previous month.

The council said although slow world trade growth would hurt export demand, a new survey pointed to some pickup in the confidence of companies and consumers about future economic prospects.

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