The 1977 FESPIC games Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys , held in Sydney, Australia, marked a turning point when a team of amputees competed in sporting events specifically established for those with disabilities. It was decided, following this session of the FESPIC games, that the establishment of an organisation must be sought after to encourage competitive athletics for Australian based amputees. As the story goes, in 1981, the dream of such an organisation became a reality when the Amputee Sporting Association of Australia was born. The mission of the association was to encourage the participation in both recreational and competitive sports for those living with amputations and other types of physical disabilities. Programs of this nature require funding, so when the Australian Government recognized the need, they stepped in and opened up their pocketbooks.

Inclusion at Australia Games
As the saga continues, in 1985, amputees were included in the Australia Games, which allowed them to compete with athletes who were not considered disabled. For those who fought so hard to make this dream a reality, seeing the athletes with disabilities able to compete at such a level was reward in itself; so much so, that the original dream of including amputees turned into the inclusion of disabled individuals at many levels. For all abilities, there are opportunities, and fortunately people are willing to fight for the rights of individuals with special needs, making what seemed like an impossible mission, possible.

Highlighting Abilities
The last thing an individual wants to be categorised as is disabled. They want to be viewed as a person with value and abilities rather than someone who struggles on a daily basis. This is why the creation of organisations and associations such as the Amputee Sporting Association of Australia are vital to help promote a sense of self-worth to people with disabilities. In this sense, the organisations are helping to highlight what the athlete with disabilities can do, not what they cannot do. The outside world offers plenty of opportunity to make an individual with special needs feel awkward, which is why organisations catering to the enhancement and participation in fitness programs are vital to breaking down the barriers and tearing off the labels.

Recreational Sports Facility
Sporting events that include those with special needs at a competitive level are excellent, but what about individuals who are not interested in competing? A specialized fitness centre that offers a variety of recreational sporting programs for disabled individuals at many levels and tailors each program to fit specific needs. Certainly some may bring their competitive edge to the basketball or tennis court, but all programs are designed to encourage participation rather than aggressive competition. Since all sporting events are held in a safe, non-threatening environment, it may be just the place for the person with special needs to step out of hisher comfort zone and try a new sport. Anyone up for some Mixed Martial Arts?

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