Rear wheel drive is preferred by many motorists of a sporting inclination and Continental Tyres latest achievement in taking the top spot in a recent rear wheel drive tyre test carried out by Autocar Magazine is likely to be of great interest amongst motorists of that persuasion. It's fair to say that Continental Tyres already have a good reputation in this respect P.J. Hall Limited Jersey , and it's a fact that Continental Tyres are fitted as original equipment by many leading manufacturers of vehicles aimed at the luxury and sports markets, which are the main areas of vehicle design in which rear-wheel drive is considered an advantage.

The winning ContiSportContact 3 from Continental Tyres ably demonstrated its rear wheel drive credentials by being ranked first by the adjudicators against a selection of comparable tyres from other leading manufacturers. The 22545R17 tyres from Continental Tyres were fitted to the same Mercedes-Benz C280 that was used for all of the tests which were carried out Autocar magazine in Uvalde, Texas and Continental Tyres has every reason to be proud of this achievement against some very serious opposition, chosen to give the most representative selection of choices before the tyre buying public.

Indeed the competition ranged against Continental Tyres was specifically and carefully chosen from amongst the main premium brands available in the UK market today. Moreover, because all of the selected tyres were tested ‘to the limit', Continental Tyres achievement is clearly significant. Autocar Magazine commented that on the dry handling track "the clear winner was the Continental SportContact 3s from Continental Tyres. Not only did they provide the fastest lap time, but also the smallest variance in times with good grip and great traction exiting corners."

Moreover, the ContiSportContact 3 tyre from Continental Tyres was tested, along with all its competitors, across a range of measured disciplines including wet braking, straight and curved aquaplaning and rolling resistance. As you might expect, these tests were especially chosen to highlight those key factors which are important in the sports and luxury vehicles sector. The adjudicators also considered the purchase price in reaching their verdict and Continental Tyres must surely see this as confirmation of their product's value in the costperformance equation. In addition, this also underlines the effectiveness of Continental Tyres' research and development programme.

It's appropriate therefore to give the last word to Continental Tyres and product manager Scott Benbow, on hearing of the win commented: "we are so pleased with this result. The ContiSportContact 3 from Continental Tyres has displayed its prowess in a number of disciplines. Of the two rear wheel drive tests conducted by UK magazines this year, this win means it has been a clean sweep for the ContiSportContact 3 which proves what a great performance tyre it is."

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BRUSSELS, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- The European Commission Wednesday presented its long-waited proposal for a new methodology for anti-dumping investigations, linked to the scheduled expiration of current ""non-market status"" treatment toward third countries including China.

European Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen and Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom announced the new methodology at a press conference in Brussels.

""Competition is good, but global trade must stick to certain rules. We must make sure that we have an effective and clear rulebook when things go wrong,"" said Malmstrom.

""We are proposing to modify anti-dumping and anti-subsidy regulation, maintaining a similar level of anti-dumping duty as today,"" she added.

The proposals will be discussed among EU trade ministers on Friday and EU parliament will soon make a decision, Malmstrom noted.

The new regime is expected to scrap a list of ""non-market economies"", but European Union (EU) officials said that it would not grant any country the ""market economy status"" and ensure that the bloc's trade defence arsenal could maintain an equivalent level of protection.

The Commission, the EU's executive arm, left open the option to use ""international"" price and cost reference in further anti-dumping cases if ""market distortion"" was found in a third country, which could still fall short of its obligation to international trade rules.

The new anti-dumping regime was tabled after a routine meeting of EU commissioners earlier the day, and is scheduled to be submitted to other European decision-makers including the European Council and and the European Parliament.

The proposal came only one month before the expiration of some provisions under the Article 15 of the Protocol on China's accession to the World Trade Organization, due on Dec. 11.

The expiration would require WTO members to end a ""surrogate country system,"" under which cost data of production in a third country is used to calculate the value of products from China.

Beijing has urged Brussels to strictly fulfill its WTO obligation without any additional condition by due time.

The Chinese Commerce Ministry earlier cautioned that Brussels's new anti-dumping rules should not exceed the current standards under the WTO on market distortion, and should not become an excuse for enforcing anti-dumping measures that were against WTO rules.

The ministry also expressed hope that Brussels would avoid sending the wrong signal on trade protectionism.

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