The charming country of Panama is the place for you to have the best vacations. Here you will find an endless array of exotic places to have fun and enjoy these lands.

When you are in Panama Brock Boeser Jersey , we invite you to come and see the Bay View Resort El Palmar, an enchanting resort near the beach and where the only thing you will hear is the wind and the waves, since it锟絪 a very calm area with a breath taking view.

How to get to the Bay View Resort El Palmar

It is very easy to get to this resort; it is located in Cocle and it is only 93 kilometers from Panama, if you travel by car it will only take an hour and a half to get to this place, or if you like, you can take a bus which will take you to the town and then you will need to take a taxi to get to the resort, since we do not recommend walking to the resort which is 1 kilometer away.

Activities at The Bay View Resort El Palmar

锟?Bathe in the beach

锟?Sports such as soccer

锟?Play dominoes, cards or chess

锟?Surfing, among other activities

This luxurious resort has 10 rooms for rent, each one with two double beds, hot water, TV, and air conditioning. Check in is at 3:00p.m. and check out is at 1:00p.m.

You will not have to worry about food since the menu that the restaurant, at the Bay View El Palmar, offers is reasonable and varied. The restaurant锟絪 specialty is shellfish and fresh fish, white sea bass and shrimp ceviche. Their breakfast menu offers fresh fruits, continental and American breakfast as well as Panamanian typical breakfast which includes meats and fritters.

Don锟絫 miss you opportunity to travel to Panama and meet Cocle, discover all the delights this beautiful town has to offer and don锟絫 forget to go by the beach El Palmar, and if you like, you can stay in the charming resort which is right in front of it.

In Cocle there are several lands for sale and you will also find some near the beach; if you are interested please contact Interpanama Real Estate Agency at (+507) 202-6562 or visit the webpage at or their offices on calle 50, the new Global Bank tower, 15th floor, office 1514 and they will gladly help you find land near the charming El Palmar beach.

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