Hotels http://www.camisetasseleccionespanola.e … artra.html , restaurants and resorts always look to offer the best experience for their guests by following the latest trends. In the beginning of this year, you should consider modernizing your outdoors by building fashionable and inviting areas. So what are the hospitality outdoor furniture trends for 2017 that will make you look fresh to improve your business’s image?

In the hospitality industry, colors have a psychological effect on people that can make their stay unforgettable... or not. So when planning your outdoor areas, be picky in choosing colors. According to the psychology of colors study, blue, green, yellow, red, and purple generate positive vibes. But which colors are trending in 2017? This year is the year of the blue and green derivatives like aqua, sea foam, drab green. These 2 main colors represent serenity and nature respectively. Therefore, having them part of your outdoor furniture sets, will improve the guests’ state of mind, and keep the garden or patio fresh.

Trend 2: Minimize maintenance efforts with aluminum
For outdoor spaces, one of the trends was and will probably always be to have maintenance-free furniture. Therefore, picking aluminum outdoor furniture will be the right choice to offer comfortable outdoor experience and have products that require minimum maintenance. In addition, aluminum is known to be a light material compared to what it offers in strength: it is weather and rust resistant, which means that your hospitality outdoor furniture sets will live longer.

Trend 3: Combine different materials & styles
Many hotels and restaurants stick with a single theme using only one outdoor furniture style, but 2017 suggests to mix and match designs and materials. For example, if you aren’t able to decide whether to have aluminum or rattan outdoor furniture, well just pick both. Also, for spacious areas, combine several outdoor furniture collections within the same space. However, for this tactic to be successful, the two collections must go well with each other. Customized garden and patio furniture can also be an option to ensure good harmony between the different sets.

Trend 4: Create unique ambiance with solar lighting
In 2017, get rid of wires and complicated installations with the use of outdoor solar lighting, which rely simply on solar energy to recharge their batteries. Outdoor solar lights save you the trouble of finding professionals who will create a mess to install wired lamps. In addition, placing outdoor solar lighting forms a unique ambiance in your outdoor space especially if you go creative by building innovative patterns.

Trend 5: Indoors and outdoors go together
Last but not least, outdoor furniture can be used on the inside just like on the outside. Therefore, removing the boundaries between outdoors and indoors to mix up the two spaces can be a great option, of course, if done in a smart way. Opening the indoors to the outdoors gives you additional space and creates total conformity.

In conclusion, applying these trends is a tricky task that requires professionals in order to optimize your outdoors. So contact a hospitality outdoor furniture supplier that will furnish your gardens and patios in the best way possible, according to your needs. Mauritius is an island of about 1 million inhabitants situated in the Indian Ocean. The ethnic diversity of the local people is reflected in its cuisine. As a result, the cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Indian Cuisine, Creole, Chinese and European. In Mauritius, local fruits and vegetables used under the influence of culinary traditions of France, India, China and Africa with its variety of flavours and aromas have resulted in a cuisine that is unique to the island.

The most commonly served in Mauritius, and tasty dishes include Creole rougailles, Indian curries and biryanis, Chinese 锟絤ine frite锟? and French 锟絞ratin de crabes sur coeur de palmiste锟? All these are part of the cuisine of Mauritius. The commonly used ingredients in Mauritius are tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and chillies while the traditional base is definitely the curries and "rougailles" which is made from the blends of home crushed spices. Spices also constitute a major part of Mauritian cuisine. The extensive use of spices such as saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves provide a powerful, yet subtle flavour to the dish. This interblending of spices give the cuisine of Mauritius its charm and uniqueness.

Locals in Mauritius would eat a combination of curries and rougailles along with beans (lentils, kidney beans, yellow split lentils) and white rice. Vegetables are usually greens either grown in the back garden or freshly bought from the market prepared as 锟絙ouillons锟?(like a soup) or 锟絫ouff锟絪锟?like a stir fry). On the sidewalks of main streets, the Mauritian community loves to buy dholl puris (flat bred with peas), faratas and gateaux piments (spicy balls of peas). As far as drinks are concerned , the Alouda bought in Mauritius, which is a milk drink prepared with basil seeds is the favourite with all communities.

The pluri-ethnicity of the dishes from Mauritius is reflected in the cuisines of Mauritius. Over the years, the communities have blended each others锟?spices and ingredients to their own tasted resulting in a tasty mixture sure to flatter the senses. For example, a Creole rougaille is best served with a variety of achards (pickles), a Chinese 锟絤ine frite锟?(noodles) is often served with various 锟絚hatini锟?(chutneys).

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