vFRANKFURT Asics Running Shoes Sale , Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- The benchmark DAX index at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on Wednesday lost over 100 points and closed at 9,915.85 points.

Investors are under selling pressure after substantial gains last week, according to local analysts. The blue-chip index lost 116.97 points, or 1.17 percent.

The utilities company E.ON SE topped the list of risers with an increase of 3.32 percent. The semiconductor company Infineon Technologies AG added 1.39 percent. The sport company adidas AG advanced by 1.05 percent. Deutsche Lufthansa AG climbed by 0.33 percent. Volkswagen AG Vz went up by 0.28 percent.

Vonovia SE, a real estate company, dropped sharply by 5.18 percent. Linde AG, an industrial gas company Asics Mens Shoes Sale , slipped by 2.5 percent. Merck KGaA, a pharmaceutical, chemical and life science company, plunged by 2.4 percent. BASF SE slid by 2.23 percent.

The turnover stood at 3.31 billion euros (around 3.76 billion U.S. dollars). Volkswagen AG Vz was the most traded share of the day with a turnover of 249.24 million euros (around 283.45 million U.S. dollars).

WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- By the end of this century,summer heat waves could exceed the upper limit of humansurvivability at "a few locations" in South Asia, a region of deeppoverty where one-fifth of the world's people live Asics Shoes Sale , a new studysaid Wednesday.

The most affected regions would be the Chota Nagpur Plateau,northeastern India, and Bangladesh, according to the studypublished by the U.S. journal Science Advances.

"Our findings have significant implications to the ongoingconsiderations regarding climate change policy," said the study,which is based on detailed computer simulations using the bestavailable global circulation models.

The new findings were conducted by Professor Elfatih Eltahir ofthe Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor EunSoon Im of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology andProfessor Jeremy Pal at Loyola Marymount University in LosAngeles.

Scientists have known that hot weather's most deadly effects forhumans come from a combination of high temperature and highhumidity Asics Gel Lyte III Shoes , an index which is measured by a reading known as wet-bulbtemperature.

The wet-bulb temperature reflects the ability of moisture toevaporate, which is the mechanism required for the human body tomaintain its internal temperature through the evaporation ofsweat.

At a wet-bulb temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, the human bodycannot cool itself enough to survive more than a few hours.

A previous study found that the wet-bulb temperature has rarelyexceeded about 31 degrees Celsius anywhere on Earth in the pastdecades.

However, when it does happen, "the most detrimental humanimpacts of climate change on heat waves could potentially be thosein developing nations because of the vulnerability of theirpopulations," the study said.

In much of India and Pakistan, an apparent rising trend in thefrequency of deadly heat waves has been observed Asics Gel Lyte Shoes , it said.

For example, the fifth deadliest heat wave in recorded historyaffected large parts of India and Pakistan, claiming around 3,500lives in 2015.

The new study showed that by century's end, absent seriousreductions in global emissions, wet-bulb temperatures are projectedto approach the threshold of survivability over most of South Asia,including the Ganges river valley Asics White Shoes , northeastern India, Bangladesh,the eastern coast of India, Chota Nagpur Plateau, northern SriLanka, and the Indus valley of Pakistan.

And the temperatures could exceed the upper limit at a fewlocations in the Chota Nagpur Plateau, northeastern India Asics Black Shoes , andBangladesh.

In today's climate, about 2 percent of the Indian populationsometimes gets exposed to extremes of 32-degree wet-bulbtemperatures.

According to this study, by 2100 that will increase to about 70percent of the population, and about two percent of the people willsometimes be exposed to the survivability limit of 35 degrees.

And because the region is important agriculturally, it's notjust those directly affected by the heat who will suffer, Eltahirsaid.

"With the disruption to the agricultural production, it doesn'tneed to be the heat wave itself that kills people. Production willgo down Asics Running Shoes , so potentially everyone will suffer," he said.

However, under a moderate mitigation scenario, which is roughlycomparable to the goals pledged by the 2015 UN Conference onClimate Change in Paris, these dramatic, deadly effects can largelybe averted, the researchers noted.

"With mitigation Asics Mens Shoes , we hope we will be able to avoid these severeprojections. This is not something that is unavoidable," Eltahirsaid.

LONDON, July 21 (Xinhua) -- The City of London Corporation (CLC) and major arts organizations in the "Square Mile" announced on Friday ambitious plans to create a new arts quarter for the historic city.

The northern border of the historic city of London will be the home to a new Culture Mile, according to the local municipal authority the CLC.

The Culture Mile will feature a new museum covering London and its history and a new music center that will have the capacity to be a major venue for visiting orchestras.

The area is already home to the Barbican Arts Center containing two concert halls, two theaters, an art gallery and cinemas, as well as the Museum of London Asics Shoes , the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and London Symphony Orchestra's St Luke's venue.

In addition, the area has a rich historical heritage ranging from the Roman period through medieval churches and livery halls (the headquarters of ancient crafts groups) to distinguished contemporary buildings by leading architects.

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