By Xinhua Writers Li Ming puma basket heart patent blancas , Huang Hexun

AUSTIN, United States, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- For 16-year-old Texas boy Richard Solis, who just survived from a deadly hurricane and lost his home overnight, the long journey of healing has just begun.

Three days have passed since Hurricane Harvey slammed his hometown, a costal town called Rockport located in the southeast corner of Texas in south United States. Solis, who is now in a shelter with his family, still felt the fear and despair when the most powerful hurricane in decades made a landfall Friday night.

"It was horrible puma basket heart patent españa , the door was shaking so bad that I had to hold it or it would be blown open," Solis recalled, with his voice trembling and eyes wide open.

After numerous phone calls to the local fire department and police, Solis finally got rescued with his parents and grandmother in darkness.

By the time they escaped the house, everything familiar had been devastated.

"The roof collapsed, corridors collapsed, all the stuff flew in the air, everything was like torn down to pieces puma basket heart patent comprar ," Solis said.

Joined by over other 170 residents from Rockport, Solis was evacuated by the U.S. national guard to a shelter in Toney Burger Activity Center, a stadium to the west of downtown Austin, a Texas city 320 kilometers away.

Under the dim yellow light of the stadium, seven rows of beds of military green were unfolded in the center stage, about 34 beds in a row. Piles of donated clothes were stored on one side of the grandstands.

Dozens of stuff walked around, each wearing a yellow vest with a red across sign in the back.

"This is considered an evacuation shelter,this was to get people out of danger chanclas puma rihanna comprar ," Richard Scanlan, a long-time volunteer for the Red Cross and also the manager of the Toney Burger Shelter, told Xinhua on Monday.

More than 23,800 people are seeking refuge from the deadly storm and local flooding in 34 Red Cross and community shelters in Texas, according to latest report from the American Red Across.

"We provide them with food, medical care when they needed, spiritual help if they want to talk about the past," Scanlan said.

Volunteers worried that the dreadful hurricane experience has not only caused property damage zapatillas puma basket heart , but also left the victims deeply scarred.

"They are all pretty traumatized, the majority of these people were pulled out of the water and they lost everything they had," Scanlan said.

Sixty-one years old Nena was staying with her sisters when the hurricane struck their house in Rockport late Friday night. She was brought to the shelter in the night of rain and wind, with nothing but her purse in hand.

"The water was deep up to my knee, and we were all sick, sick and wet." She told Xinhua Monday.

"First night I was nervous and scared because I have never been in a shelter before. These people here are so wonderful and we are comfortable, but we can not go back home. The gas and electricity are all down now," she said.

To evacuees like Nena puma basket heart españa , going home is a dream that couldn't be fulfilled anytime soon.

As Harvey downgraded from category 4, it was inflicting its damage across a wide swath of Southeast Texas, with tornadoes ripping apart hundreds of homes and businesses, killing at least nine people as flooding continues in the area.

Morgan Stanley estimated Monday that the disaster may cause a damage of 40 billion U.S. dollars in the country's economy.

Red Cross workers said there will be a long way ahead before everything goes back to order.

The evacuation shelters may be consolidated together to a larger shelter after Sept. 8, said Scanlan, adding that it will the longtime job of local county governments, state governments and city governments to do some case work and help people to find housing again.

Three days after the hurricane, Rockport residents finally saw the sun came out in the sky of Austin.

Outside the shelter puma basket heart comprar , Solis stood in the sunshine next to his grandmother in a wheelchair, enjoying a moment of peace and warmth.

"I just wish everyone can get back to Rockport and everything will be all right," he said.

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Real Madrid announced on its website Sunday it agreed to pay Navas' former club puma fierce core hombre , the Spanish Levante, 10 million euros (13.4 million U.S. dollars) for the Costa Rican goalie.

The news that Navas had become the first Costa Rican footballer ever to join one of the world's top teams caused a flurry of reactions in the national press.

"Keylor has taken off to another galaxy," the daily La Nacion celebrated, despite the fact that English team Fulham paid more, a total of 12 million euros, for Costa Rican player Bryan Ruiz.

Alongside images of Navas bidding farewell to his fans Sunday at the airport in San Jose, before flying to Spain, the daily Extra noted Navas will be playing with some of the world's most famous players.

"Navas will have teammates such as ... Sergio Ramos puma creepers azul marino , Pepe, Bale, James Rodriguez, Kroos, and we could continue to cite the names of world renowned footballers. The Costa Rican will be rubbing elbows with all these world-class players in his new stage," Extra said.

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