Windsurfing as a sport has all the elements to capture your attention the thrill of riding the waves http://www.cheapmapleleafshockeyjerseys … ll-marner/ , the challenge of controlling the board and the flexibility of practicing a range of maneuvers. This makes windsurfing a hot favourite among adventure sport lovers. There are various levels of windsurfing that you can practice depending on your expertise and inclination. Those who practice windsurfing for recreation usually reach only up to the intermediate level. However, professional surfers indulge in advanced windsurfing forms like slalom or speed sailing.

Speed Sailing

Along with windsurfing, speed sailing also incorporates certain principles of skateboarding. With the increase in popularity of windsurfing, the number of surfers taking up high speed sailing has also increased. A large number of speed sailing competitions are held around the world. The locations are chosen based on their proven track record of strong wind conditions.

The shores of the Mediterranean Sea , Pacific and Atlantic oceans provide perfect conditions for speed sailing. Usually these competitions comprise of several legs with points given for the surfer?s placing in every leg of the race. The surfer with the highest points tally wins. Speed sailing competitions are held on a 500m course.

The International Speedsurfing Association (ISA) under the umbrella of the ISAF is one of the major organizers of speed sailing contests across the world. The World Sailing Speed Records Council keeps track of all the speed sailing results during speed sailing contests organized by the ISAF.

The European Speed Meetings and Speedweeksfortnight held in Australia are the other major speed sailing competitions that witness major participation from speed sailors. Surfers across the world also organize smaller speed sailing competitions at the local level.

Such organized speed sailing events enable wind surfers to not only enhance their racing skills but also compare the speeds notched by surfers across the world.

Speed Sailing Record

Antoine Albeau, the famous French windsurfer, is the current record holder for speed sailing. He created the record in March 2008 at Saintes Maries de la Mer Canal after he clocked 90.91kmhour (49.09 knots) on a 500 meter course.

Before Albeau, it was Finian Maynard who held the record with 48.7 knots. Maynard achieved this feat on April 10th http://www.cheapmapleleafshockeyjerseys … i-rasanen/ , 2005. Finian Maynard hails from Ireland but sails for the British Virgin Islands.

Before Finian Maynard, the longest standing record in speed sailing is honoured to the famous Yellow Pages Endeavour ? a vessel owned by Australian sailor Simon Mckeon. The Yellow Pages Endeavour held the record for speed sailing for eleven long years, from 1993 to 2004 and had clocked 46.52 knots.

The other big names in the field of speed sailing include Anders Bringdal, Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Robby Naish.

With the advent of modern technology http://www.cheapmapleleafshockeyjerseys … -liljegre/ , better quality surfing equipments are now easily available at a comparatively cheaper price. These equipments are user friendly, which makes it easier for surfers to master different surfing maneuvers. All these factors have greatly contributed to the increase in number of surfers taking up advanced windsurfing forms like speed sailing.

China on Monday issued a position paper on the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. The full text of the position paper is as follows:

China's Position Paper on the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations


I. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (UN) and victory of the world anti-fascist war and Chinese People's War Against Japanese Aggression. As an outcome of victory against fascism, the UN embodies the ardent hope of people around the world for peace and development. Its founding is an epoch-making event in the history of mankind and a milestone in the quest for peace and progress.

In the past 70 years, as the most representative and authoritative intergovernmental organization in the world http://www.cheapmapleleafshockeyjerseys … s-dermott/ , the UN, with its three pillars of peace and security, development, and human rights http://www.cheapmapleleafshockeyjerseys … s-borgman/ , has played an irreplaceable role and accomplished a great deal in promoting human progress.

Seventy years on, the UN Charter remains as relevant as ever. It is important that the international community renews the spirit of the Charter and, more importantly, enriches and reinvigorates it in light of the trend of our times and the needs of the world.

We live in a changing world full of new opportunities and challenges. The international system and order are undergoing profound adjustments http://www.cheapmapleleafshockeyjerseys … lle-rosen/ , with the balance of power shifting in favor of peace and development. The trend of our times featuring peace, development and win-win cooperation is becoming more pronounced. On the other hand, there are a multitude of new and tough challenges. The world economy has not recovered from the lingering impact of the global financial crisis. Poverty and other worldwide problems still persist. Regional hotspot issues keep flaring up. Terrorism, cyber-security and other unconventional security threats are on the rise. All in all http://www.cheapmapleleafshockeyjerseys … o-komarov/ , achieving world peace and development is a long and uphill battle.

Against this background, there are growing expectations for the UN to take on more responsibilities. Today, the role of the UN must be strengthened rather than weakened; its authority must be upheld instead of undermined.

II. The 70th anniversary of the UN is an important opportunity for the international community to review history, look ahead to the future and achieve the following objectives so as to turn the vision of the UN Charter into reality at an early date.

-- It is important to remember the lessons of history and uphold the outcome of the world anti-fascist war so as to "save succeeding generations from the sc.