BEIJING Chaussures Vans Old Skool Lite Noir Blanche Pas Cher , Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Defense Ministry on Wednesday voiced strong opposition to the unauthorized entry of a U.S. warship into China's waters off the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea.

The Chinese navy dispatched a missile frigate, two fighter jets and a helicopter to warn the U.S. ship away, the ministry said in a statement.

The U.S. navy missile destroyer Chafee entered China's territorial waters near the Xisha islands on Tuesday, said the ministry, adding the provocation infringed upon China's sovereignty and security, harmed mutual trust between the two armies as well as regional stability.

The Chinese military will further strengthen its naval and air defense capability to safeguard its sovereignty and security Vans Old Skool Canvas Soldes Chaussures Noir Blanche , according to the statement.

"It is a critical stage for the development of the relationship between Chinese and American armies, and we demand the U.S. side earnestly take steps to correct its mistakes and inject positive energy into bilateral ties," the ministry said.

Giant thangka, religious silk embroideries and paintings, on the mountains behind Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region nike air max plus tn ultra blanche , attract thousands of people on Tuesday to mark the traditional Shoton Festival.[Photo by Li Zhou For China Daily]

Thousands of people celebrated the unrolling of the thangka - a giant religious silk embroidery - to kick off the start of the Lhasa Yogurt Festival on Tuesday.

Accompanied by the sound of horns reverberating through the valley, monks slowly unrolled the thangka on the mountainside behind the Drepung Monastary in the capital of the Tibet autonomous region at about 8 am.

"I have seen thangka in Qinghai before. But I was still totally shocked when I saw such a giant thangka today," said Cui Lingrui, a student from Nanjing University.

Both tourists and locals woke early, and some even stayed up through the night to visit or worship here, said a monk who declined to give his name.

Restaurant owner Nyima Butri closed her business on Tuesday to take part in the festivities.

"I got up at 4 am this morning and I arrived here around 6 am by walking nike air presto ultra flyknit bleu ," she said. "In order to have good luck, we all wear new clothes on this hopeful day."

One of the most popular in Tibet, the seven-day festival, also called the Shoton Festival, is celebrated annually in August, or the sixth or seventh month of the Tibetan calendar.

The festival dates back to the 17th century as a religious occasion in which residents offered yogurt to monks who had finished their meditation retreats nike air presto essential noir , said Tashi Palden, the deputy editor-in-chief of Tibet Daily.

With the theme of "Happy Lhasa, Beautiful Home", this year's festival will include events such as Tibetan opera, Buddha photo and Tibetan mask exhibitions, and long-distance hikes air max flair prix , according to the city government.

"Traditional Tibetan culture is magnificent in my eyes," said Wang Tianlu, a Hindi translator from China International Television. "I adore such traditional culture from the bottom of my heart."

SAN FRANCISCO, March 30 (Xinhua) -- Microsoft, the U.S. multinational technology company, used on Wednesday the company's annual gathering for developers to unveil its grand plan of making conversation a new way to interact with computers with intelligence bots at the heart.

At the developers conference held in San Fransicso's Moscone Center air max flair pas cher , Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described his ideas about "conversation as a platform", referring to conversation between humans and bots, or artificial intelligence agents that can understand natural language.

"We think this can have as profound an impact as the previous platform shifts have had," Nadella said in his keynote speech. He made it clear that bots would become the next big way to interact with computers following mouse, keyboard and touch screen.

Explaining that "human language is the new UI (user interface)", he said digital assistants slip on vans homme , like Cortana developed by Microsoft, would be "always with you across all your devices," while bots going in-between as the new applications.

"We want to build intelligence that augments human abilities," he said. "It's not going to be about man versus machine, it's going to be about man with machines."

During the event, Microsoft demonstrated how users of its instant messaging service Skype could get things done by making conversations vans slip on cuir , in which Cortana acts as a broker for bots.

Microsoft also released a set of tools which allow developers to build their own bots.

"We want every developer to be able to build bots as the new applications for every business and every service," Nadella said. "We want all developers to be able to infuse intelligence into their applications."

Microsoft is not the only company working on digital assistant and bots. Its digital assistant rivals include Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri.

By Matt Walsh

CANBERRA, May 4 (Xinhua) -- The vote on Saturday for the Australian Olympic Committee's (AOC) presidency marks the end of one of the most bitterly contested elections, of any type, in Australian history.

The incumbent John Coates has held the role unchallenged for 27 years but this year has been challenged by a former Olympian, hockey player Danni Roche vans toy story femme , who quickly managed to garner the support of many high-profile people who wanted to see a fresh face lead the Olympic movement.

The ensuing election campaign - between the politically-savvy Coates who has friends in high places and the political novice Roche who is promising to push a new broom through the AOC - has resulted in a bitter, three-month stoush that has involved many leading political, business and sporting figures across the country.

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