Ghaziabad is an industrial and residential city situated in Uttar Pradesh and comes in the Delhi- NCR area. Ghaziabad is a well planned city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a huge industrial city well-connected by roads and railways. It has industries such as Martin Jones Jersey , Maintenance of electric locomotive & EMU Trains, manufactures railway Wagons, bicycles, tapestries, glassware, pottery, paint and varnish, heavy chains, etc. it also has Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited for manufacturing defense products. From the historical, cultural, theological and archeological view point Ghaziabad is a developing and prosperous city.


Ghaziabad has an average literacy rate of 69%. In Ghaziabad, male literacy is approximately 75%, whereas female literacy rate is around 63%. Ghaziabad is a center to several topmost schools in the city. There are a number of government and private Engineering, PG Degree, Law colleges and Management institutes in Ghaziabad. There are about 80-100 Medical, Dental, Pharmacy colleges, and Physiotherapy institutes which makes Ghaziabad one of the education hub and most education friendly city in India.
In the true sense, the Ghaziabad schools cater to the academic needs of the residents of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. There is a huge series of good schools in this prosperous Indian city of Uttar Pradesh. Most of the schools have efficient and experienced teachers who look after the all-round development of the school students with great care.


The school is an international school in true sense. The school is located at Ansal’s Avantika, extension phase-II, shastri nagar- Ghaziabad. The school follows the IB curriculum. Classes till 5th are affiliated to Cambridge IGCSE. Classes from 6th to 8th follow the Cambridge University IB. 9th & 10th have the curriculum of IGCSE. 11th and 12th have their IB diploma by Geneva. The school has the modern infrastructure with digital classrooms. The school also has boarding and day boarding facility. The school has well qualified and experienced IB faculty.


The school is located in sector-10, Vasundhra- Ghaziabad. The school has classes of pre nursery and nursery. The school caters to a playschool and a day care facility. This facilitates your tiny tots to be in a homely and happy environment, reinstating a concept of Home away from home. The school staff keeps the children comfortable and makes learning an enjoyable experience. The school has a play area, audio visual aids, dance facilities and a lot more. The teacher children ratio for playschool is kept at 1:10, so that proper attention and care can be given to each child.


The school is located in sector-3, Vasundhra- Ghaziabad. The school offers education from class play group to class XII. The school has a good infrastructure with all the modern facilities available to the students. The school has smart classes, play ground, Cricket ground, enriched library, highly equipped labs, conference room, transportation facilities, cafeteria and much more. In the present days, the advanced technology induces several changes to the society and it will create a marvelous revolution in the world. From inside to outside, we have sophisticated equipments, to make us feel free.

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