CANBERRA Cheap Air Force 1 Flyknit Shoes Sale , May 19 (Xinhua) -- One third of Australian childrenaged between 11 and 13 believe their fathers work too much,according to the results of a study released by the AustralianNational University (ANU) on Friday.

The study, undertaken as part of a wider project called "GrowingUp in Australia Cheap Air Force 1 Flyknit Sale ," took accounts from 3,000 fathers and theirchildren, and discovered that nearly half of all fathers workedmore than 44 hours a week.

The study's lead researcher Cheap Men's Air Force 1 Low Green Sale , Professor Lyndall Strazdins, saidthose long hours, as well as "regular" night and weekend work Cheap Air Force 1 Low White Royal Sale ,contributed to their children's perceptions that fathers wereworking too much.

"Australia's work culture and social norms are making it hardfor dads to be the fathers they want to be," Strazdins said in astatement accompanying the study on Friday.

"More than half of fathers reported missing family eventsbecause of work, while a fifth described their family time as morepressured and less fun due to their jobs Cheap Men's Air Force 1 Mid Leather White Varsity Red Sale , and these were problemstheir children shared."

The study also showed that, on average, Australian fathers spentmore time at paid work than mothers Cheap Air Force 1 HI Supreme Le Black Gold Sale , who still undertake moredomestic and home duties than fathers. Strazdins said longer workhours were also a contributor to health risks among dads inAustralia.

"Our research has shown that people who work more than 39 hoursper week are putting their health at risk, and we have also shownthat expectations to work long hours are a problem for genderequality," she said.

"Workplaces still assume men are more devoted to their jobs thanwomen and so they expect men to work longer hours Cheap Women's Air Force 1 High X girl All Red Sale , but this createsdilemmas for fathers."

Despite children wishing their fathers worked fewer hours perweek, most understood that their dad "needs to work."

"While nearly one in eight children wished their father did notwork, most kids understand that dad needs to work Cheap Men's Lunar Force 1 Low White Ice Blue Sale ," she said.Enditem

A Hindu devotee takes part in the "Tarpan" rituals to honor the souls of their departed ancestors on the holy day of "Mahalaya" at the banks of the Ganges river in Kolkata, India, on Sept. 19 Cheap Air Force 1 Special Field High Boots White Sale , 2017. (XinhuaTumpa Mondal)

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by Xinhua writer Chen Jipeng

BEIJING, May 11 (Xinhua) -- The United States has misjudged China on the South China Sea issue and this will be costly, said a China studies scholar.

The United States has misjudged China, its intention and its role in relation to the South China Sea issue, Zheng Yongnian, director of the East Asian Institute, the National University of Singapore, told Xinhua through the phone on Monday.

"It based its judgment on its own historical experience as an expansionist empire and its deeply rooted great-power ideology, and not on China's diplomatic performance in the region," he said.


Zheng, a well-known scholar on China studies, said that China, unlike the United States, "does not have a missionary culture or missionary diplomatic policies."

While heavy U.S. presence in the region is regarded by some in China as a threat, China does not have its own version of the Monroe Doctrine to drive U.S. influence out of the region, he said.

U.S. concerns about the freedom of navigation are not justified, either. China wants to safeguard peace and stability in the South China Sea more than any others as it depends heavily on the important sea routes there.

Generally, China and the United States do not have direct geopolitical conflict in the South China Sea, Zheng said.

"A misjudged strategy will be costly to America," he said.

China has said it welcomes the United States to play a positive role in regional peace and stability, like contributing to maritime security.

China has voiced support for a dual-track approach on the South China Sea issue. It advocates common efforts by regional countries to safeguard regional peace and stability and insists that the South China Sea disputes should be dealt with through peaceful bilateral channels between countries directly involved in the disputes.


The U.S. has repeatedly emphasized that the South China Sea issue "must be resolved peacefully without a big nation presiding over smaller neighbors." But Zheng said the implied accusation that China is a bully is essentially biased.

The U.S.-backed approach of internationalizing the disputes is simply not helpful, as territorial disputes often leave no room for the claimant states to back down, and any efforts to create a hype will only escalate tension, he said.

Late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, admired worldwide as a great leader and known for his pragmatism, recognized that the South China Sea disputes could be resolved and therefore proposed joint development.

The approach advocated by Deng is better because it suits the complicated historical context. China and its neighbors in the South China Sea region had co-existed for thousands of years before the creation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

China has also proved that it deals with its smaller neighbors with due respect and treats them as equals. China and Vietnam, for instance, solved their land border dispute long ago through bilateral negotiations, with China making quite a few concessions.

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