BEIJING Marouane Fellaini Belgium Jersey , Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Three online animations themed around China's anti-corruption campaign and featuring President Xi Jinping have been a hit over the Spring Festival, with netizens delighting to what is apparently a relaxing of attitudes to depicting Chinese leaders by cartoon.

The animations, each about two minutes long, compare the situation before and after the 'Mass Line' campaign Luis Pedro Cavanda Belgium Jersey , the 2013-2014 initiative aimed at strengthening ties between CPC officials and the public.

They are entitled "Is the 'Mass Line' Campaign for Real?", "Is It Easier for the Public to Get Stuff Done with the Government?" and "Are Officials Really Scared?"

The cartoon Xi eats and talks with members of the public, waves a flag bearing the characters of "Mass Line campaign", and wields a stick to hit a tiger Laurent Depoitre Belgium Jersey , a reference to his targeting of high-ranking corrupt officials.

The videos were uploaded to popular Chinese video streaming website Youku on Tuesday night and were picked up by other major video websites as well as social media forums Weibo and WeChat the following day. They have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

As with October 2013 animation "How Do They Become State Leaders?", which was the first to feature Chinese leaders, the producer is mysterious.

The clips are credited to the unknown producer "Chaoyang Studio" and no other information is provided. "How Do They Become State Leaders?" was credited to "On the Road to Revival Studio".

An Internet user with the screen name "Glory and Dream" said that "we see in the clips the CPC central committee's determination to fight corruption".

Some netizens called for the swatting of "flies", referring to lower-ranking corrupt officials.

Observers have speculated that the cartoons are designed to break the conventional mystery surrounding Chinese leaders and publicize government policies in a more attractive Laurent Ciman Belgium Jersey , easily-digestible way.

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Yoga is a way of life that helps to control mind and helps in developing your personality. Most people in the eastern and western parts of the world too are now practising yoga. Even though, yoga is a simple exercise you need to be serious about it and perform it safely.

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