North Korea has abruptly cancelled a joint cultural performance with South Korea that was scheduled for Feb 4 Selbst Gestalten Trikot WM 2018 , blaming South Korean media for encouraging "insulting" public sentiment regarding the North, said South Korea's unification ministry said on Monday.

The North said it had no choice but to call off the performance, which was to be held in the North Korean territory of Mount Kumgang, as South Korean media continued to insult what Pyongyang called "sincere" measures regarding the Winter Olympics Seoul will host next month, the ministry said.

Early in January, North and South Korea launched rare talks to bring North Koreans to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics after the North's leader Kim Jong Un said he was willing to open up discussions with Seoul.

The two Koreas had been in discussions regarding final details over the joint performance. They were also talking about a different concert in South Korea by a North Korean orchestra and sending South Korean athletes to train at a North Korean ski resort.

The North added that the agreement on the Mount Kumgang joint performance had come despite conflict with its internal celebrations, the unification ministry said. North Korea has at least two major holidays coming up next month - Kim Jong Il's birthday and a military founding anniversary.

Seoul said North Korea's decision to cancel the joint performance was "very regrettable" and stressed Pyongyang should uphold all agreements made between North and South Korea.

President Moon Jae-in's administration has faced criticism for its response to North Korea's participation in the Games, especially after it decided to form a combined women's ice hockey team with athletes from the two Koreas for the Winter Olympics.

Many South Koreans have complained the unified women's hockey team - the only such joint team to be formed - was unfair to the South Korean players, going so far as creating over a hundred petitions against the unified team on the presidential Blue House's website.

The controversy has sent South Korean President Moon Jae-in's overall approval rating below 60 percent for the first time since he took office in May last year, according to a survey released last week by South Korean pollster Realmeter, dropping more than 6 percentage points since the previous week.


How to Choose the Appropriate DVD Player for Your Needs Published: 24.07.2009 | Author: davidzou | Category: Consumer Electronics

There are many different models of DVD playerss to decide upon today. Not only do buyers have to choose between brands, features, and functions, but also between regular DVD units and Blu-ray DVD players.

A good option for affordable DVD players is an electronics wholesaler. Wholesalers offer less expensive prices on the same style DVD units that consumers can find at electronics stores. They provide more reliability in purchase deals than other online auctions or sites like Craigslist because buyers can do research on the wholesaler鈥檚 consumer ratings online.

One thing to consider when browsing among DVD models is the region it is produced for. Different areas of the world have different region codes and so do DVDs. So if a customer buys a DVD units from a foreign company ensure the DVD player is the correct region for you. Another way is to get a region free DVD players, which will be compatible with any DVD no matter of the region it is coded for.
The advantage of Blu-ray DVD units is that they provide hi-def quality. The viewing is clearer and more succinct than that of a regular DVD player. The set back is that the players cost more and so do the DVDs. The costs have been cut quitea lot the last few years though, as Blu-ray no longer has to vie against Hi-Def DVDs (High-Definition|Density DVDs).

Although traditional DVD players are more affordable, it might be a better deal to invest in a Blu-ray DVD units, since it will sooner or later ultimately make obsolete the regular DVD format. Just like when VHS made Beta worthless, you won鈥檛 want to be left with a huge investment in a unit and films that won鈥檛 be maintained or accessible in repair shops or department stores a few years in the future.

buyers can also acquire great deals for DVDs at wholesale electronics outlet sites. If consumers buy electronic products in bulk you can obtain an even more substantial sale on their order. If a consumer have friends or family also ordering from a wholesaler you can go in on an order on the same invoice and get an even better deal by receiving a discount for a substantial purchase and by splitting shipping.

DVD units have also become more trendy and attractive over the years as well. There are many brands that come in a selection of colors. While decor matching probably shouldn鈥檛 be the deal breaker in your selection, it can be fun to choose a shade that matches their entertainment room scheme

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