So your smartphone is 3 years old and you really want to buy the latest model. Heres the question what happens to the old phone? Its just criminal that so many people throw away their old phones. Wouldnt it be a much better idea to sell your phone to someone who will pay you good money for it and ensures that the device gets recycled and finds a new owner?

Thats exactly what you get with phone trade-in services such as Stopoint we pay you good money for your phone and see that it finds a new owner Wholesale Washington Wizards Shirts , someone who will treasure it and take care of it. At Stopoint, we believe that every phone is valuable. We pay a great price for your old phone and resell at a slightly higher price to cost-conscious buyers looking for refurbished phones.

Sure, you have the option of selling your phone to a direct-buyer, such as Swappa, rather than to a trade-in service such as ours. But the problem with selling on Swappa is that you are expected to ship within two days of receiving the payment for the phone.

Now Wholesale Utah Jazz Shirts , Stopoint pays you after receiving the phone, but here you are guaranteed a 30-day lock-in on the price. You can ship the phone any time over a 30-day period after receiving a free quote from Stopoint, and the price remains the same as the quote that was sent to you even if the manufacturer slashes prices and your model gets suddenly cheaper during this time. Thats a real advantage to have in an iPhone economy where the prices never say the same for too long.

Plus, you are guaranteed to receive the payment by PayPal within 24-hours after receiving the phone. If you dont have a PayPal account, thats fine Wholesale Toronto Raptors Shirts , a check will be sent to your address within 3 days.
Sure, there are other trade-in services as well. Gazelle has been around since 2006 and is an established name in the recommerce industry, but they pay you 7 to 10 days after receiving the phone which is really slow.
Usell is another popular phone trade-in service, but here, your gadgets are bought by someone else Wholesale San Antonio Spurs Shirts , and Usell is nothing more than a marketplace so there is no guarantee that you will get paid on time.
EcoATM is a trade-in service that doesn't allow people to ship their electronics directly to them. They basically have ATMs in some locations where you can drive to and exchange the phone for money again, not a great choice.

And heres the thing at Stopoint, you are given a Price Match Guarantee we promise that you will get a better price with us than you would with any other company. Thats a big promise to make, but its something we have adhered to since the time weve been around.

Another big concern many people have about selling their phones is data security. At Stopoint, we assure you that we take your data security and privacy extremely seriously. The very first thing we do with every device we receive is to factory-reset them and restore the phones to their original state. So Wholesale Sacramento Kings Shirts , theres no question of anyone being able to access your private data but we strongly recommend that you should erase all the data on the phone yourself before sending it to us.

So, heres how the whole thing worksSELECT_SHIP_AND_PAY: First, select the product that you want to sell to us on our website and fill up the specific details about the model. Second, you will be sent an instant quote along with a free FedEx shipping label. Then you will have 30 days to ship the product and will get paid instantly within 24 hours via PayPal after we receive it. It really cant get easier than that!
If you need more information, please get in touch with us by filling up the contact form here.

The definition of success depends entirely on who youre asking. For one person it might mean being the richest person on the street they live on; for another it could be becoming the master of a creative skill like painting or playing an instrument. Though its definition often varies Wholesale Portland Trail Blazers Shirts , there are five distinct types of success that have surfaced throughout mankinds history.
. Material Success This involves gaining as much money and hoarding valuable material things. These include expensive homes and vacation houses, luxury vehicles, jewelry, and designer clothes. This has always been the most popular definition of success, as its often promoted and encouraged by society and media.
. Influential Success For some Wholesale Phoenix Suns Shirts , having enough power, authority, or influence to sway peoples decisions in a company or a nation is what success is all about. This is often closely tied with Material Success, as Influential Success is often achieved by wealthy people because of their prominence in a community, though sometimes Material Success is gained AFTER one has achieved Influential success.
. Spiritual Success This definition of success is the reverse of Material success Wholesale Philadelphia 76ers Shirts , as it involves detaching oneself from material and earthly things and aiming for living a simple, peaceful life. This doesnt necessarily have to involve a religious order or organization the idea of achieving inner peace and satisfaction without relying on material wealth is this definitions main focus.
. Personal Success This is a more general type of success, which involves a person living up to the standards that he set for himself, as well as accomplishing great things and being recognized or rewarded for it. This can be anything from becoming champion of a certain sport, or even simply finding a job that pays high but still gives you ample amount of time for yourself and your family.
. Social Success As the name of this definition of success dictates Wholesale Orlando Magic Shirts , Social Success has to do with the people.