PANAMA CITY, July 21(Xinhua) -- Lance corporal Atheyna Bylon from Panama's police force, who won the gold medal at the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships in South Korea in November 2014, dreams of winning the gold at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the boxer a ticket to the international sporting event after she did not qualify for direct entry into the Games as she lost in the women's Olympic qualifier in Astana, Kazakhstan, in May.

The boxer spoke of her hopes publicly in an article published by local daily La Prensa on Thursday.

The athlete said she is focused on her objective even though she admitted that it will be difficult for her to weigh above 72 kilograms despite the weight category being 75 kilograms.

""It is a condition that has cost me, giving away up to three kilograms in every fight,"" said the boxer.

Bylon's coach, Italian Nino Fracasso, who also trained the athlete for the World Championship in November 2014, told the Panamanian daily that his pupil not reaching the specified weight could be an advantage, in terms of speed. He added that she is an exceptional boxer.

Panama have 10 athletes, so far, that will attend the Olympics in Rio and six of them are women. This will be Panama's largest delegation since 1968.

Apart from Bylon, sprinter Alonso Edward, who will also be Panama's flagbearer, Carolina Cartens, Jorge Castelbanco, Yvette Lewis, Edgar Crespo, Maria Fernanda Far, David Munoz, Isabella Amado and Eileen Grench all make up part of the Panama delegation, in seven events. Enditem


GENEVA Ederson Moraes Manchester City Jersey , March 9 (Xinhua) -- International experts, convened by the World Health Organization (WHO), Wednesday agreed on top priorities to advance R&D for Zika medical products after a three-day consultation on Zika research and development.

According to WHO, as of March 2, 67 companies and research institutions were already working on a number of products (31 on diagnostics, 18 on vaccines, 8 on therapeutics, 10 on vector control), which are at various stages of early development. No vaccine or therapeutic has yet been tested on humans.

"Vaccine development is still at an early stage and the most advanced candidates are still months away from entering early human clinical trials," Marie- Paule Kieny, WHO Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and Innovation, told a press conference.

"It is therefore possible that vaccines may come too late for the current Latin American outbreak, but the development of a vaccine remains an imperative for regions likely to be affected by Zika in the foreseeable future, in particular vaccines suitable for pregnant women and women of child bearing age," she noted.

However, Kieny said Zika diagnostic development is at a more advanced stage, and some tests have already obtained authorization in some countries.

Over 30 companies are working on or have developed potential diagnostic tests. There is general support for the development of a target product profile for a multiplex test that can diagnose dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses.

Vector control experts have clearly stated that as traditional interventions, such as insecticide spraying, have not had significant impact on dengue transmission the same might apply to Zika.

An emergency meeting of the WHO Vector Control Advisory Group next week will fine-tune evaluation methods and a target product profile for innovative techniques.

"While product development is at an earlier stage than that for Ebola," concluded Kieny, "R&D methods and coordination among partners is much more advanced, largely thanks to the lessons learnt during the Ebola epidemic."

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