Each and every cat has its own personality Authentic DeMarcus Cousins Jersey , just as you, your friends and family do. It is interesting to note your new cats likes and dislikes. Is it a cuddly [I want lots of loving] or an [I am mister independent]? Is it bold and adventurous or shy and insecure? What does the new cat like and dislike? You will both have some fun trying to figure each other out and learn each others languages and rules.

All of our cats have been rescued kitties. Presently we have two - an older female golden Tabby and a young black male straight hair. How they have acted around us has been greatly influenced by how they were treated by their former owners. Both our cats were abandoned and do get upset when we leave them even for a short time like a couple of hours. We believe they might have also been abused because they frighten easily.

The older female cat we rescued was very affectionate with my husband, but wary of me for months. She still prefers that he pet her. She also hung out in the guest bedroom and was very nervous about exploring and using the rest of the house. She does not like the TV noise, but enjoys classical music. She prefers dry food to wet. She would not share the litter box and had to have her own.

The female also enjoys being petted and brushed, but on her terms and she decides how long. She travels very well. She loves to play ball, hiding behind a long curtain and swatting it out. But, she does not play in boxes, bags or respond to other cat toys. She got along very well with our elderly cat and missed him when he died.

Our recent addition, the black male straight hair, surprised us by his easy acceptance of the cat carrier. He also traveled very well and was very well behaved in the car house. He has been a challenge to us in accepting the older female cat. He is wonderful, sweet and very affectionate with us but a very A type personality with the female cat. Since she is a fixed female we thought that as soon as he was fixed, the problem would be fixed. Well it was not! We had never had the problem before - over the years each new cat being accepted by the cat we already had. Finally after about 8 months they are starting to get along.

Still the new one has his moments. Usually before the crack of dawn [UGH!]and the last thing at night. We have used the water spray bottle and yelling [Hey] or [No] a lot. Now most of the time we just have to shake the bottle, as a reminder. It has been a trying time for us, but made up for, by his delightful, playful and loving ways. He keeps us laughing at his kitten antics. He is beautiful as well.

The vet thinks the newer cat is about 2 years old. Our older cat only has about half of her teeth. She also has a Kelloid all the way across her belly from her front leg to her back leg, from a bad injury, before we rescued her so there is no possibility of letting them go at it and settle it. Her physical condition also explains her fear of attacks from him.

They have both accepted the wearing of a harness with lease, but neither of them want to go outside,for a walk, even to the patio. They do enjoy sitting at the patio screen doors for hours on end, watching the birds play in the fruit trees and at the birdbath. We have the birdbath at the edge of the patio and on the patio at their viewing level.

A neighbors dog will come in the yard on occassion with excited barking, when one of us is outside in the front garden. It freaks the cats out and they will hide and stay in hiding long after the dog is gone. Even though they have been secure behind a security screen door, they run fast for their hiding places.

I wish you great success with figuring out your cats personility. Winning a cats affections is a wonderful and loving experience.
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Judy Jantzen and her husband have owned cats for the past 25 years.

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