There is more to Mallorca than its gleaming beaches! The playground capital of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands stands in the southern Bay of Palma. This delightful Catalan city has a wide range of attractions to tempt the serious tourist but yet doesn't attract as many tourists as the attractions of Magaluf and S'Arenal.

The Old Town is so compact that you can easily see everything on foot. There isn't a better way to appreciate the delights of a city than on foot with plenty of peaceful squares and parks around to provide a break from all the walking. Wherever you land on Mallorca Andre Roberson Thunder Jersey , a trip to Palma is frequently laid on as a day trip. You will appreciate a change of scenery from the beach and the chance to experience the Catalan way of life of Mallorca锟絪 capital city.

The cobbled streets of Palma are jammed with energetic Tapas bars, craft markets and small workshops used by the local tradesmen. It is the place to go when seeking the true identity of Mallorca. Recently voted the finest place to live in the whole of Spain, half the island锟絪 population live in modern Palma, adding to the lively atmosphere of the Old Town. Palma is where it is all happening and the locals concur enthusiastically by making the most of every opportunity!

The most interesting part of the city is centred around the Cathedral. The city is a safe place to walk around so there's no chance of getting lost and you can explore to your heart锟絪 content. Don't be surprised to find a fair amount of building restorations going on which can sometimes take the edge off your experience as all the old buildings are given a much needed facelift. Central Palma is an ideal location to play hide and seek, there are countless narrow passageways to nip along and a host of surprises to be found at the other end. It's not unusual to find a wonderful atmospheric square or maybe another market at the end of each narrow passageway. If you appreciate shopping, Palma will offer you plenty of distractions from your sightseeing agenda. Shops selling local ware such as olive wood, shoes, pottery and wine always tend to be popular with tourists.

An all year round tourist market is steadily increasing in Palma and, the Mallorcan Tourist Board is attempting to promote Palma on a par with its European counterparts. Why be constrained to taking city breaks in wet and freezing Dublin, London, Paris or Amsterdam when you could be enjoying the winter warmth of Palma's Mediterranean climate!

The Romans put Palma on the map a couple of centuries back. Palmeria was an important gateway port to African destinations and continues to be a magnet for visitors today welcoming millions of holidaying visitors not only through its port but also via its busy airport.

Make your way over to the port for some of Palma锟絪 highly popular attractions. Be prepared to be stunned by attractions such as the Royal Palace of Almudaina (the residency of the royals during the Middle Ages), the circular fourteenth century Castle of Bellver (formerly a prison and now a concert venue) and the Stock Exchange. However, the 13th century Gothic Cathedral is definitely the jewel in Palma's crown. Close to the waterfront and dominating the landscape, this impressive piece of architectural engineering was constructed on the land where once stood the city锟絪 main mosque. After a stirring look around the cathedral we suggest a quiet break in the artistic Parc de la Mar which is on the waterfront. The heart of Palma stretches away from the cathedral via narrow atmospheric streets and cobbled passageways.

For an exciting trip with a historical theme back to the days of Moorish occupation, why not pencil in a visit to the amazingly well preserved tenth century Arab Baths. Watch out for them for they are well concealed within the tiny streets that surround the cathedral.

Not too far from all the activity of city life, you can find the perfect beach holiday! Playa de Palma offers gorgeous beaches, with lots of activities to keep you entertained all within a short distance from the cosmopolitan offerings of lively Palma.

Finally, a note of the eating opportunities upon the picturesque harbourside. Attracting a decent crowd in the evenings, the marina is the place to be. If searching for a lively atmosphere, a few laughs and a wonderful fish supper, this is the ideal venue!
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