Not so long ago puma heart satin suede grise , but before the mortgage meltdown, many Chicago ‘investors’ purchased 3-unit buildings for six to seven hundred thousand dollars as investments. They did that even though rents were thirty-six hundred dollars a month or less. Even though the interest rate on such properties was 7.5% or higher.

I once spoke to one such investor. He’d just bought 2 3-unit buildings. His philosophy on real estate investing was: It’s okay to lose money in the first 3 years. You’ll make it back when you sell. Me, I never understood why it was okay to lose money when there were other investment opportunities that made money from the beginning.

Some of those speculators made money when they sold. The problem was that then bought another property that lost money. And, when the market went south, they lost big time. Some went bankrupt.

Things have changed. You can now buy for four hundred thousand to four hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars 3-unit buildings in the same neighborhood where they used to cost upwards of six hundred thousand. Better yet puma suede heart satén rosa , rents are higher now, about 10%.

The situation with 4-unit buildings is even better. In other words, there are some good Chicago neighborhoods where it really makes sense to invest in 3-4 unit buildings. Edgewater is one such neighborhood.

Yet most investors and would-be investors buy single family houses as investments. And, in the same neighborhoods, single family houses that can be rented with little work puma basket suede españa , cost $250,000-$300,000 and rents are $18,000-$24,000year. Yes puma suede españa , a lot more per unit.

With houses, every month your house is vacant you have total loss of revenue. If one of your apartments in your 3-unit building is vacant, you only lose one third of your revenue stream.

Besides, if the roof of your house investment needs replacing, the cost per unit is a lot higher than if your 4-unit building roof needed replacement. And the same goes on with a few other costly items.

So chanclas puma rihanna comprar , more is better. So, if you can afford to buy a 10-unit building, buy one. Or a 20-unit one. Unfortunately, the prices on such units in safe Chicago neighborhoods is too high for most people. But it’s a great idea.

During the real estate boom, especially towards the end puma suede creepers grises , you could find building with 10 units or more only far, far away from Chicago. Things have changed for larger buildings too. You can find larger buildings that cash flow from the beginning a lot closer to Chicago now. For the price of a 3 or 4-unit in Chicago, you can get a fine 10-12 unit buildings in one of the farther suburbs, one that will cash flow better.

Good investement properties are plentiful. So go for one, even if that means you have to remortgage. Remortgages can be obtained inexpensively these days.

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