HANOI, May 31 (Xinhua) -- Vietnamese national men's football team defeated Syrian team 2-0 at a friendly football match in Vietnam's capital Hanoi on Tuesday.

Vietnamese striker Cong Vinh scored the first goal for Vietnam at the 34th minute of the game. During extra time of the first half of the match, striker Van Quyet added the second goal for Vietnam.

The Syrian team came to Vietnam with 21 players. The match with Vietnam is one of three the friendly matches that Syria is playing to prepare for World Cup qualification.

Meanwhile, the match with Syria is within the preparation program of Vietnam for the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Cup 2016 slated for late this year with an aim of entering final match. Enditem

ABUJA, May 20 (Xinhua) -- Nigeria's football authorities on Friday drew the curtains on a five-day capacity building for referees in the West African country, a developmental program aimed at preparing the Nigerian professionals to officiate in FIFA World Cups.

Secretary General of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Mohammed Sanusi told Xinhua the FIFA Member Association Course for Referees which commenced on Monday was made tick officials of the world football governing body, FIFA, who graciously accepted to train the Nigerian referees and give them the necessary support to be able to participate in global football events.

President of the Nigeria Referees Association Tade Azeez said the development program would enable the match officials to be up to date on the rules of football, which had been reviewed.

He said it was necessary for referees to be familiar with the new rules of FIFA, which would be effective soon.

Mohammed Ameenu, a FIFA-trained national technical instructor said the course for elite referees would improve the game of football in Nigeria.

According to him, FIFA has changed the philosophy and the approaches of the game and had also amended a lot of the sections of the laws.

The course, he said, had updated the referees and assessors on current trend which would take effect from June 1.

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