COLOMBO puma creepers red australia , Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Maldivian President Abdullah Yameen said on Sunday that detained Vice President Ahmed Adheeb had attempted to impeach him by a no-confidence vote.

In his first address to the nation following an explosion on the president's speed boat on Sept. 28, which was carrying Yameen and his wife puma creepers black australia , the president said Adheeb had colluded with opposition Maldivian Democratic Party members to file the no-confidence motion against him and he had also tried to seek the support of lawmakers from the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives.

Yameen stressed that despite repeated requests, Adheeb and his close associates had not cooperated with an investigation into the blast on the presidential yacht last month puma creepers beige australia , which seriously injured his wife. Yameen escaped the accident unhurt.

The president said he had to arrest his vice president due to his influence over the police which made it impossible for an impartial investigation into the explosion.

"The vice president is being detained for the safety and security of the entire population. There are many allegations concerning the vice president," the president said.

"Because of his influence over the police puma creepers white australia , it was deemed that an impartial investigation could not be carried out with the vice president remaining in office."

Yameen further disclosed that materials used for bomb making were found from some of the houses of Adheeb's close associates."

"When accusations like this are levelled against a person, he doesn't have the right to remain silent puma creepers pink australia ," the president said.

Adheeb was arrested on Saturday upon return from a visit abroad and was taken to the police detention center in Dhoonidhoo. He is being held for charges of treason.

Yameen fired his police chief on Friday after Defence Minister Moosa Ali Jaleel was dismissed last week. However the president said Jaleel was not involved in the blast but was sacked because one his cousins was detained over the explosion.


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Maldives vice president arrested over plot to assassinate president

COLOMBO, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Maldives Vice President Ahmed Adheeb was arrested by the Maldivian police on Saturday on charges of 'high treason' over his alleged involvement in a blast on a presidential yacht carrying the president last month.

Adheeb was arrested upon his arrival at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport on Saturday morning after mounting rumors that he had gone into exile. Full story >>>

Maldives President unhurt in speed boat explosion

COLOMBO puma creepers bordeaux australia , Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Maldives President Abdullah Yameen was unhurt after an explosion took place on his speed boat as it was approaching the capital Male Monday.

Minister of the President's Office Mohammed Hussain Shareef confirmed that First Lady Fathimath had suffered minor injuries, along with President Yameen's bodyguard Abdul Nasir and a member of President's Office protocol , Fathimath Solih.

ZHUHAI, Guangdong, May 14 (Xinhua) -- A total of 32 Taiwanese fraudsters currently detained on the Chinese mainland have confessed to their crimes, said the Ministry of Public Security here Saturday.

The 65 mainland suspects and 32 Taiwanese suspects, deported together from Malaysia to the mainland on April 30, belonged to five criminal syndicates, said a ministry statement issued after mainland police and a delegation of judicial officials from Taiwan wrapped up a three-day meeting in the southern city of Zhuhai.

They were part of the 117 suspects detained in Malaysia for more than 100 telecom fraud cases. The other 20 Taiwanese had been sent back to Taiwan earlier.

The suspects are held at two detention centers in Zhuhai.

The police have treated the suspects equally and ensured their legal rights according to law, the statement said.

The Taiwanese were informed of their rights before the first interrogation, including the right to hire a lawyer, the statement said.

According to an earlier statement, most of the Taiwanese are in good health, except a few having skin infection and two showing symptoms of unstable blood pressure, which, however, is under control after proper treatment. Only one who has suffered hernia for eight years has been hospitalized but in stable conditions.

At Saturday's meeting, the mainland police agreed to arrange their families to visit as soon as possible.


Mainland police have obtained evidence and key information about four of the syndicates but the investigation into the fifth syndicate encountered difficulties because the majority of its members had been sent back to Taiwan, the police said.

The investigation has been jeopardized by several masterminds and senior members of these syndicates, believed to be Taiwanese, who are at large and have destroyed evidence and moved funds, it said.

The 20 Taiwanese suspects returned to the island were temporarily released by local police due to lack of evidence on April 16 but five days later 18 of them were detained and two were banned from traveling.

"The mainland will try to provide evidence to the Taiwan side so that they can crack the case as quickly as possible," said Chen Shiqu, a senior police officer with the ministry.

"The money of mainland victims is now in Taiwan. We hope the Taiwan side can actively pursue the scammed money so that we can return the money to victims," he said.

Chen Wen-chi, who leads the Taiwan delegation, confirmed that prosecutors in Taichung have been busy investigating this case and the evidence from the mainland will be greatly helpful.

"We will step up the effort to reach the bottom of this case and take them to the court," she said.

A few victims were in Zhuhai to petition the Taiwan delegation for better cooperation.

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