BRUSSELS Vincent Trocheck Jersey , July 16 (Xinhua) -- European data protection authorities have issued new rules that require employers to issue a disclaimer before checking the social media profiles of job applicants.

Scanning social media data through third parties is also not allowed. Besides, employers are prohibited from compiling such data during their recruiting, unless it is "necessary and relevant" to the performance of specific job posts.

The new guidance came to supplement the European Union's (EU) data protection laws and is aimed at protecting individual information and data sharing. The relevant social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

The new data protection regulations will apply to employers across the EU next year. Breach of the new rules will lead to a fine of up to 4 percent of European companies' annual global sales.

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There are many ways with these you can make your employees happy. Cleanliness is one of the factors by which you can encourage them to work. You can make your employees really happy with office cleaning Chicago. Chicago is the popular and third most densely inhabited city in the United States of America (USA). It is one of the developed cities in the world. The people, especially who have their own office know that there are certain specific ways to make the employees happy. Cleanliness of the office is one of the ways. That’s why they are very much conscious about the cleanliness of their offices. The happiness expert says that cleanliness has a great impact on the employee’s emotion. So, being a developed city the people are very much conscious about their employee’s well being. There are various ways by which you can make your employee happy at work place. They are as follows:
1. Give a chance to Career development:
You should give the employees of your office the scope to develop in their career. The employee should feel that they have enough scope to make a significant progress in their career because the employee who has the potential to work always expect a chance to grow thus they can assume more important role to play. If they find that the organization in which they are working, are satisfied with their job and give them the chances to grow, they will do more quality work and help the organization to grow.
2. Performance appraisal:
Performance appraisal is one of the important factors to make any employee happy. You should appreciate your employees if they do satisfied work. It the employee shows the, punctuality, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm to his or her work then the higher authority should appraise for their good performance. It is kind of reward to that employee. If you give his or her, this kind of reward they will get motivated to do more meaningful work. They will work more happily and more enthusiastically.
3. You should understand the employee’s problems:
The management authority should understand the genuine problem of their employees. They should treat his or her problem more compassionately. Like, if any employee has got any bad news from his home and he should immediately go there the authority should let him go after analyzing the importance and gravity of the situation. If any employee feels that the higher authority can understand their problem they will feel encouraged to work at the office more happily.
4. Show respect to every employee:
The authority should show the respect to each and every employee of their office. If they appraise for their work from time to time and show respect to everyone then the staff of the office feels that their work has equal importance and they have contributed to the growth of the organization.
5. Cleanliness:
It has also played an important role. It has an emotional effect to the employee. Employees love to work in an environment which they find very clean and suitable for their work. You can contact commercial cleaning Chicago for this reason. They are well experienced in office cleaning Chicago.
To grow any business you need to make the employees very happy and satisfied. It is very important factor because only a happy employee can work more enthusiastically for their organization and indirectly it will proof profitable for the organization.

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