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Found in the west coast of the United States, the state of California is occupied by over 37 million people, making it without question the most populated state in the country. The California police records that are documented in this state are perhaps among the largest in the US. However, even though the wide collection of criminal data is virtually undeniable, the federal and state governments has made it relatively easy for the general public to gain access to such information.

Just like in any other state, there are certain procedures and requirements that applicants must adhere to in order for their requests to be processed accordingly. In the golden state, the California Department of Justice is the government agency tasked with the appropriate housing and distribution of all criminal accounts. All data that are being stored in this agencys main repository mostly comes from the states courts and law enforcement agencies, which can later be access for future reference.

Being directly affiliated with the Attorney Generals office, the California Department of Justice is mostly comprised of the states court system. This means that if you are after accurate and up-to-date police reports and criminal accounts, the DOJ is definitely the appropriate agency to visit. In this office, information is located through a fingerprint-based search. However, all requesters are required to have their fingerprints taken as part of the application process.

Before you can gain access to your California police records, you must first download a Live Scan Form from the Department of Justices website. You will then have to specify Record Review as the application type by checking the designated space. Afterwards, you must take the form to your local police department so you can have your fingerprints taken. Fingerprinting costs may vary between law enforcement agencies, but a $25 processing fee goes to the DOJ.

The type of criminal accounts that the aforementioned office maintains include misdemeanor and felony arrests, detentions, dispositions and convictions. All of which are, of course, submitted by the courts and various law enforcement agencies. These documents will stay in the DOJs system until the subject reaches 100 years of age. For access to third party criminal accounts, only law enforcement officials and authorized employers are permitted to do so.

However, since criminal records and police reports are free for public access, especially in the job screening process, criminal data search websites and commercial information providers would make good alternative sources. Albeit unconventional and relatively new, these online information services are far more practical and efficient in providing criminal history information. Strict procedures and requirements will only consume too much of your time. Whereas in a data search website, all you need is a one-time joining fee and you are all set to conduct unlimited criminal background searches anytime and anywhere.

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