{So you want to {know|learn} a few good vertical jumping exercises?|Are you looking for some basic movements to improve your vertical leap?|Do you need to know which exercises to begin with that will help your vertical leap?} {There are {several|quite a few|more than a few} out there.|There are many to choose from.|Since there are many Authentic Brian Elliott Jersey , we'll help you narrow down the list a little.} {There are a few in particular that can {boost|improve|increase|enhance} your ability to jump higher.|These will provide you a good basis to start from.|Here are some basic ones that are an excellent place to begin your training.} {You {need to|must} make sure that you follow them precisely.|Make sure that you follow the movements properly.} {Many people perform the correct exercises, but they don't do them correctly.|You can carry out the correct exercises, but if you don't do them in the proper manner, you won't get the results you would like.} {Add these three exercises to your vertical training and you will be well on your way to adding major inches to your vertical.|Start with the exercises we outline below and you will have a good groundwork for improving you vertical leap.}

{You may {think|believe|assume} the only muscles you need to work on during your vertical jumping workouts are your leg muscles, but that's not the case.|Numerous people erroneously think that it is only the leg muscles that need to be developed to increase your vertical leap.|Whereas most people may believe that just the leg muscles need improvement to help you jump higher, this is not accurate.} {Your lower back and erector muscles need to be strong {too|as well}.|The muscles in the back and waist are also especially important.} {The erector muscles are the strongest muscles in the back and take on the most work.|Many of the back muscles are heavily involved and need strengthening as well.} {Vertical jumping exercises should include working on this area.|Your {program|plan} should include exercises for the back and waist areas as well.} {Which brings us to our {first|initial|opening} exercise.|So let's get started with our first exercise.}

Dead Lifts

{Dead lifts are great.|A {good|first-rate} exercise to begin with is the dead lift.} {Arch your back, bend your knees while holding the weighted bar.|To begin the exercise, grab the barbell, bend your knees, and arch your back.|Remembering to try to keep you back as vertical as possible, bend your knees and reach down and grab the barbell.} {Come to an {upright|standing|erect} position while holding the bar.|Bring the barbell up until you are standing upright with the barbell hanging across your thighs.} {Gradually lower the weight back down.|Gradually return the barbell back to the starting position on the floor.} {The first 3 sets of 6-8 reps should be done {quickly|swiftly} but steadily to avoid injury.|Complete three sets of 6-8 repetitions. To avoid injury, do not jerk the bar, but perform the exercise quickly and steadily.} Take a rest. {Then do the next set, but this time take your time and {feel|sense|be aware of} the full range of your muscles.|Complete one additional set taking your time and being more intentional.|Do one last set in a much slower way this time.}

Leg Presses

{An additional high-quality exercise is leg presses.|A second exercise that can help improve your vertical leap is leg presses.} {Load a leg press machine with weights.|Set the weight on the machine to a weight {appropriate|suitable} for you.|Choose a weight on the leg press machine that is near the higher end of your range, but not the most you can lift.} {Set your feet high and away from you.|Spread your feet apart.|Place your feet about shoulder breadth apart.} {Bring the plate down {slowly|gradually} until your knees bend to your chest, and then rapidly push it away.|Drop the weight until your thighs nearly touch your chest. Then shove the weight back up in an explosive method.|Let the weight to come down as far as you can and then, pretending like you are jumping, thrust the weight back up rapidly.} {It's not about the slow and steady here.|You don't leap in slow motion, so you don't want to train in slow motion.} {You need to practice the explosive move to get the most out of the muscles you will use when jumping.|Jumping is an explosive move, so you need to do this exercise in an explosive manner.|Your muscles {act|perform|function} explosively when you are jumping, so you have to train them that way in your exercises as well.} {Do 5 sets of 6 reps.|Repeat this exercise six times - and {do|perform|execute} five sets.} {Let muscles to have a rest between sets.|Take a brief break between each set.}

Medicine Ball

{Lastly, utilize a heavy medicine ball in place of a basketball.|For our last exercise we will make use of a medicine ball instead of a basketball.} {Act as if you are going to slam dunk, but don't really throw the ball!|Acting as if you are trying to dunk the ball, leap with the medicine ball toward the rim.|Pretending that you are doing a dunk, hold the medicine ball and leap up as high as you can.} {Embellish the movements and reach for the rim.|Make certain to extend your reach and try to get the ball as high as you can.} {This will help {strengthen|build up|improve} all the muscles you will be using when you slam dunk for real.|Doing this exercise will enhance all the muscles that you will use when you really are able to dunk.|Practicing this exercise helps all the muscles necessary for this movement to become strong.} {Remember to push yourself to the max.|As with the leg presses, make certain to be explosive when you perform this exercise.|Doing this exercise as hard as you can will have a big impact on your vertical leap.}

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